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Entrepreneur: What Does It Take To Be Successful?

2/11/2014 This week the conversation centers around entrepreneurship and what it takes to become an entrepreneur. Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not easy in life.  Our featured “hot shot” is Steven Lourie.  Read his story below and Let’s Talk!

Steven Lourie (Pictured Below)



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Success Story: How entrepreneur, Steven Lourie became his own boss 

Steven Lourie is a great example of a young entrepreneur who wanted to start something he enjoyed doing and followed through with his plan. Steven was born on May 6, 1992, in Boston, MA. He attended Northeastern University as an undergraduate student and lived in California for 15 years. He now resides in Boston about five minutes from where he was born.

Steven launched Football Fan Spot as a high school student in 2009. He had been writing on a public website called Sporting News for three years, but decided he wanted to pursue a career in sports journalism. “I just started it. I had ideas for how it would look and what types of content would be on there. I started hosting on webs, which I really would not recommend. Today it’s run on WordPress which is a lot better,” Lourie said.

Lourie’s favorite part of running his own website is the freedom, he says. “This is something I’d be doing for free so, even though I don’t make enough for this to be a full-time job, getting any sort of money for this is just a bonus… I’ve also gotten some cool experiences.” Lourie says he has a partnership with Fox Sports and his content often gets linked on their website. He has interviewed several NFL players and has also gotten to speak with a member of the war room of an NFL team on draft day and chat with him about the team’s draft strategy.

Steven offers plenty of great advise to any aspiring entrepreneur or sports journalist. He says you should learn to rely on yourself because “there are very few people you can trust more than yourself.”  He also states, “If you want to be your own boss and write anything you want, you have to be the one who gives yourself a chance.” “You need internal motivation, but it all has to do with finding your spot…it’s about discovering what you’re good at, what makes you feel like you’re going good work, and then all the internal motivation you need will just come.”

Do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur?

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  1. wpls says:

    What qualities does a person need to become a successful entrepreneur? Do you have what it takes? Join the conversation and leave your comment!

  2. Bridget says:

    Speaking of entrepreneurship, this is a great article I came across today that speaks about the realities of becoming an entrepreneur. What do you think about what the author says about wealth? “Most businesses provide a lifestyle and a job, but they don’t provide wealth.”

    Read more: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/231413#ixzz2uD3nVOpw

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