Soft skills training performance consulting workplace learning solutions

Soft skills training – improving people skills, communication and social skills–raising emotional intelligence, instilling the attitude needed for achieving a  more cohesive working environment

Soft skills training

WLS is committed to the professional development and job placement of our “hardest-to-place” citizens which includes individuals with disabilities and our aging workforce population. The primary goal of WLS is to improve people-performance in the 21st-century workplace.

Our primary service to our business clients is the facilitation of soft-skills training programs.

Additionally, we consult with clients to help identify the true needs and the root cause of performance issues.  Sometimes a client may believe that poor work performance is a result of lack of training. This isn’t always the case, so through our performance consulting we are able to help the client uncover issues that may not have been as visible or easily detectable before.  We are also experts in the area of new employee onboarding and orientation and we develop customized solutions and agendas for some of our clients.  Additionally, we work closely with the smaller of the small businesses in areas including talent selection and retention, and performance management.

Soft Skills Training- Performance Consulting

Providing the tools to help you create an engaged and productive workforce. Serving small businesses and government agencies, job seekers, career professionals. We actively place individuals in “good jobs” in their communities after a series of preparatory workshops and training in job readiness, employability, and soft-skills training.

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Employment support and self-advocacy training for special needs clients through Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA), and other organizations that assist special needs individuals.

Soft skills training performance consulting workplace learning solutions

The learning industry is at the intersection of 3 very important trends:

  • Re-focused demand on person-to-person interactions
  • Instant access to information through use of technology
  • Increased number of “smart device” users in the workplace