Where we're located

Atlanta, GA 30329 USA

Phone: 844-WLS-CORP (844-957-2677)

Workplace Learning Solutions (WLS) is an Atlanta-based small business enterprise founded in 2010 by Bridget C Lewis, a workplace learning consultant with extensive career experiences in education and training.

More than 30 years ago, Ms. Lewis began her career as a schoolteacher in the Caribbean. Her chief career goal was to influence young minds by making learning fun and exciting. This goal was by far the most rewarding part of her teaching career.

After making a grand move to Georgia USA, she started an administrative career in higher education.  While working, she embodied the characteristics of an adult learner by becoming a university student. She completed a degree in Leadership at Mercer University (Go Bears!), then moved to the hospitality industry where she honed her skills in various training, and professional development roles. These moves proved to be instrumental to Ms. Lewis’ own professional growth, experiences which soon were parlayed into the launch of Workplace Learning Solutions.

Workplace Learning Solutions was born from a love and passion for learning, and a desire to help others reach their full potential.

WLS expertly consults with individuals and businesses about personal and professional development issues. Our expertise includes topics in the study of leadership development, communication, diversity and inclusion, and technology.

We serve a wide variety of clients in government, business, and not-for-profit agencies.  The primary need met by our services is the professional growth and development of individuals and teams.  WLS also serves and advocates for individuals with disabilities by preparing them for employment.  This includes targeted efforts to match them with career and work opportunities in the workforce.

As a 21st Century workforce development agency WLS is a future-focused company.  We invite you to:

  • Depend on us to help you create engaged and productive workplaces.
  • Count on us when you need assistance advancing your team into the future.
  • Partner with us as positive and powerful workforce advocates that promote a healthy approach to the inclusion of diverse abilities, with a strong commitment to preparing your workforce for the roles of the future.