Job Landscape: The Effects of Social Media

This week, the conversation focuses on social media and its overall impact on the job landscape today. Our featured guest is Professor Lauren Kenyo of Ohio University. Professor Kenyo is currently teaching in the Management Information Systems department at the school.

February 10, 2015 – Interviewed by Scott Proietti

job landscape
Professor Lauren Kenyo
1. What is your best piece of networking advice to any job seeker?

LK:Take advantage of every opportunity to introduce yourself and talk with new people in many different industries; you never know where a new connection may lead. Also, don’t burn bridges. You might need those connections again some day.

2. How has social media changed the overall job landscape today?

Social media has extended the reach of recruiters and hiring managers. The pool of potential candidates extends further than it did in the past.

3. What is your preferred social media account and why?

When looking for a position, LinkedIn is a social media outlet that many employers use to find potential candidates. A LinkedIn profile is similar to an online resume, so make sure your information is updated and that you’ve included your key skills, experiences, certifications, etc.

4. What do prospective job seekers need to be aware of when posting on social media?

Social media can help get you or prevent you from getting a job. People need to remember that social media makes their life more public, no matter what privacy settings they’ve chosen. Only post things that you would feel comfortable showing to your employer.

5. What are the three main qualities you would look for in a person if you were a hiring manager?
The three main qualities I would look for in a person if I was a hiring manager are:
1. Good communication skills. Quality candidates should be able to speak and write well.
2. Logical thinking. Logical reasoning is a great foundation for every job.
3. Ability to learn new things. Change is a constant, and those that can keep up with changes and find a way to succeed in new situations show their potential to excel in the workplace.
How do you think social media has changed the job landscape today?

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