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This week, the conversation focuses on how to make an awesome impression at your next job interview.  Learn great interview tips to help you ace the interview. Our featured guest is Etienne Gibbs, a life-observing author, talk show host/producer, and consultant.  Mr. Gibbs is highly active on the top three social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest).

Mr. Gibbs is an active online advocate and motivator that has a goal of uplifting and encouraging others.  Mr. Gibbs uses his training as a Clinical Social Worker to understand human behaviors and to help empower people.

For more information about this former Air Force Captain and clinical social worker, visit his website at

June 1, 2015 – Interviewed by Joia Maduro

1. What should I do while waiting for my job interview?
Etienne talks job interview tips
Etienne Gibbs

Your waiting time is a great opportunity for company research. You can get valuable insights about the company while you wait. Listen to the music playing in the elevators or in the waiting room.  Did you notice that some employees have special parking spaces? You may see some employees in business attire, and others not. Although you may not know the answer to these observations, bringing them up during the job interview shows your interest in the company.

At the end of the interview, the interviewer may turn to you and say, “Do you have any questions?” This is your chance ask about your observations.  For example, you can ask, “On the way here I noticed that some employees do not wear business suits, or some have special parking spaces. What do they have to do to get those privileges?

2. Should I go to an interview even if I’m unsure that I want the job?

Even though you’re not sure you want the job that was listed,  interview anyway.  Consider it a research project for a future job interview. Who knows what you will learn? You may learn that the company offers employee benefits that were not listed.  Another benefit may be that the interviewer could know of other positions at the company or at another company that could be better suited to your skills and interests.

3. What should I do if I am not on time for my job interview?

We all run into bad situations every now and then. The choice that will work best in your favor is to be honest and truthful. Call ahead to let the interviewer know that you’re running late. If you’re stuck behind a bad car accident, let them know that. Don’t make up an excuse like “I woke up late”. Who knows? They may be willing to reschedule. Especially if they were impressed by your resume and other documents.

4. People say to do research on the company before I go to the interview. But who or what should I research to prepare me for the job interview?

You have at least three research options.  Research the employer. Research the hiring manager.  And/or, research the job opportunity.  Your success during the job interview will depend on your knowledge of the company.  Do everything possible to understand the employer.  Learn the requirements of the job.  Look into the background of the person or panel who will be interviewing you. The more you research, the better you will understand the employer and the vision for the company. And you will be better prepared to answer the interview questions. Use sources such as the company’s website and/or blog, search engines, research tools and your network of contacts.

5. During the job interview, all I have to do is answer the questions correctly. Isn’t that right?

No, that is not correct. Answering questions show how smart you are about the company and its mission.  It highlights your skills for the position and your qualifications.  Keep in mind that the job interview is a competition.  So, you want to do and say anything that will give you an edge over your competition.

Here are some DO’s and DON’Ts for making a positive first impression:

  • DO dress appropriately for your interview. In most cases, a business suit or dress is recommended.  However, if the employer has a different dress code, be sure you know ahead of time. This is where your extreme research about the company will pay off.
  • DO mind your manners and be careful what you say and do.
  • DO  get there on time or call ahead if you will be late.  Ask for another chance if circumstances will keep you from getting there on time.
  • DO watch your body language. Be careful  how you sit while in the waiting room and how you interact with your competitors.  A solid and firm handshake with a smile goes a long way.
  • Do NOT show up to the job interview with alcohol and/or tobacco on your breath.  Do not chew gum.
  • Do NOT show up at the job interview using street talk.  Slang expressions and inappropriate language have no place during the interview.

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