Email and Social Media for Job Seekers

This week the conversation centers around the importance of social media platforms and email for job seekers. Our featured guest is Laura Holland. Dr. Holland is an English and Journalism teacher at Fort Hill High School in Maryland.

8/26/14 – Interviewed By Scott Proietti

Laura-Holland -  social media and email tips for job seekers
Laura Holland
1. How can job seekers use social media platforms to network themselves?

LH:. Job seekers can use social media platforms to network themselves by having the ability to allow multiple people and job hunters know that they are looking for jobs in certain fields. Furthermore, by using types of social media, such as LinkedIn, people are able to contact others that they do not know and provide them with information regarding the job seekers’ credentials. By using social media, people may learn about job opportunities that exist that they normally may not have the opportunity to know. For example, people using Facebook may see a conversation among people they do not know, but may learn about the opening or vacancy of a job just by merely looking on Facebook.

2. When it comes to choosing a career, what are the three main things a job seeker should consider and why?

In my opinion when it comes to choosing a career, a job seeker must first find a career that he or she likes and is willing to do for approximately 30 years. Secondly, I think that it is imperative that the job seeker make a decision to be satisfied with the amount of money he or she will make. For example, a person who wants to make at least $150,000 a year, should not consider a field in with public service unless he or she is willing to more into administration. I think it is also critical for a person to decide where he or she wants to live. In today’s world, more people are able to work from home; however, if a person does not have that luxury, I think that one must decide where he or she wants to live and if the job he or she is seeking is compatible to the desired living location.

3. In your opinion, how has the presence of social media changed the overall job landscape?

Overall, I think that social media has benefited the job landscape in a positive manner. For example, it allows people to become aware of existing opportunities for potential careers. On the other hand, I think that social media can harm a potential candidate for a job if he or she uses social media for inappropriate purposes.

4. How has email revolutionized communication in a professional setting and how important is it to use your work email for only matters relating to your job/ other employees?

As a teacher email has become a critical tool in the communication of my workplace. We use email daily for simple tasks of taking attendance to providing immediate feedback to parents concerning their children. Furthermore, our administrators use e-mails to schedule meetings, provide weekly calendars, and to provide information regarding county-wide policies. Although email has made life for employees much easier because it is such a time-saver, I always tell my student teachers that work e-mail is “just that.” I make it very clear that anything that is put in an e-mail can be retrieved and used against a person at any time. So basically, I tell my student teachers that if they can’t put their email on the morning announcements, don’t put it in writing.

5. What is your best piece of advice to anyone who is struggling to find a job in today’s competitive job market?

I think the best advice I can give a person looking for a job in today’s world is to take a course on how to complete applications online. Because computer programs are often screening applications before they make it into the hands of an actual person, it is imperative that potential job seekers learn how to complete these applications so the computers will select theirs. In addition, I think I would give potential job seekers the advice that it is still good to know someone in the business. This person may be in a position to make sure that the job seeker’s application gets pulled for an interview.

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  1. Are you effectively using social media to your benefit during a job search?

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