Workplace Productivity and Performance Consulting

Helping You Create An Engaged and Productive Workforce

Our approach is behavior based. We believe the employer/employee relationship is a reciprocal one that should be characterized by clearly outlined expectations that have measurable results. Our model for achieving profitability creates cohesiveness between strategy, people, process & tools, to result in superior levels of service and quality for your customers who’s behavior dictates your ultimate profitability.

At WLS, we believe in making a valuable contribution to our communities’ economic development through job creation. Additionally, we actively place individuals in “good jobs” in their communities after a series of preparatory workshops and training in job readiness, employability, and soft-skills training. WLS is committed to the professional development and job placement of our “hardest-to-place” citizens which includes individuals with disabilities and our aging workforce population. The primary goal of WLS is to improve people-performance in the 21st-century workplace.