Our approach is behavior based. We believe the employer/employee relationship is a reciprocal one that should be characterized by clearly outlined expectations that have measurable results. Our model for achieving profitability creates cohesiveness between strategy, people, process & tools, to result in superior levels of service and quality for your customers who’s behavior dictates your ultimate profitability.

At WLS, we believe in making a valuable contribution to our communities’ economic development through job creation.

Additionally, we actively place individuals in “good jobs” in their communities after a series of preparatory workshops and training in job readiness, employability, and soft-skills training. WLS is committed to the professional development and job placement of our “hardest-to-place” citizens which includes individuals with disabilities and our aging workforce population. The primary goal of WLS is to improve people-performance in the 21st-century workplace.

Featured Workplace Productivity Courses

workplace productivity navigate within organization structure

When you work in an organization, a key skill required for success is the ability to navigate the complexities and nuances of other people and their relationships to each other.

Learn Workplace Technology

One of the best ways to contribute to your company is to grow and develop your skills and capabilities. This is because individuals with strong expertise and experience increase innovation…

supporting company values

As a leader you are asked to lead and manage others in a way that is consistent with the company’s values. It is critical you role model these values to others so they know what is expected.

Featured Performance Consulting Courses

Information security awareness

Information is essential to all organizations and how they maintain and develop their business to be competitive and profitable. It is, therefore, vital organizations protect their information, clients’ information, and…

community ethics

Despite limited resources and the potential for violent conflict, nature evolved powerful strategies that resulted in a progression of increasingly complex and productive communities.

Federal Acquisition Regulation

This course introduces the rules and regulations associated with the Federal Acquisition Regulation, known as the FAR for short. In this course, you will learn about FAR sub-chapters and clauses and…

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