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WLS Strategic Partnership with Logical Operations

The learning industry is at the intersection of 3 very important trends: 

  • Re-focused demand on person-to-person interactions
  • Instant access to information through use of technology
  • Increased number of “smart device” users in the workplace





Through our strategic partnership with Logical Operations, WLS brings those 3 trends together to create powerful learning experiences that are instantly accessible from anywhere in the world.

training people

This partnership very skillfully connects people with technology in a virtual or blended classroom environment, through technology enabled devices.  This effectively has allowed for

  • The redesign of the learning environment to meet 21st century standards and needs
  • A centralized platform for content delivery across organizations, across the world
  • Learner access to consumable information regardless of location, or time

We’ll help you transform your company into a learning organization where knowledge is shared in real time across the world!

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