Marketing Strategy


SMstudy Marketing Strategy certifications include Associate, Professional, Specialist and Expert levels. Anyone interested in learning about Marketing Strategy can earn these certifications.

Marketing Strategy (MS) acts as a unifying framework to define and analyze the other Aspects of Sales and Marketing.


  1. Introduction

    • Evolution of Sales and Marketing
    • Corporate Strategy and its Relationship to Sales and Marketing
    • Aspects of Sales and Marketing
    • Levels of Sales and Marketing Strategy
    • Marketing Strategy Overview
  2. Analyze Market Opportunity

    • Determine Strengths and Weaknesses
    • Determine Opportunities and Threats
  3. Define Competition, Targeting and Positioning

    • Identify Competition
    • Select Target Segments
    • Create Differentiated Positioning
  4. Determine Pricing and Distribution Strategies

    • Determine Pricing Strategy
    • Determine Distribution Strategy
  5. Determine Metrics, Objectives, Marketing Aspects and Budget Allocation

    • Determine Metrics
    • Determine Objectives
    • Decide Marketing Aspects and Allocate Budget