for Sales Representatives Agenda for Sales Representative

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Lesson 1: Getting Started with Salesforce

Topic A: Set Up Salesforce developer Edition

Topic B: Orientation to the Salesforce Interface

Topic C: The Sales Process

Lesson 2: Optimizing Lead Flow

Topic A: Identify Lead Sources

Topic B: View Existing Leads

Topic C: Manage Leads

Topic D: Perform Common Lead Activities

Lesson 3: Managing Ongoing Sales Processes

Topic A: Convert Leads

Topic B: Manage Accounts

Topic C: Manage Contacts

Lesson 4: Managing the Opportunity Pipeline

Topic A: Manage Opportunities

Topic B: Perform Common Opportunity Activities

Topic C: Close Opportunities

Lesson 5: Streamlining Your Sales Process with Reports and Dashboards

Topic A: View Reports

Topic B: View Dashboards

Topic C: Manage Contacts

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