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Occupational Certification and Training Programs

Certifying Workers for In-demand Occupations

The mission of WLS is “to help create an engaged and productive workforce”.  We believe in providing training and certification solutions that will meet the needs of the millennial workforce.

WLS partners with industry leaders to provide courseware, training videos, exam prep tools, virtual classrooms, and other varied training tools and resources to bring 21st century certifications and trainings to individuals and organizations that value a skilled workforce.

Our growing list of certifications and trainings include:

  • IT Service Management
  • Microsoft Office
  • CyberSAFE and CyberSEC
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management

WLS utilizes our virtual classroom environment, eLearning Technology and face-to-face instructor led programs to deliver fun, interactive an energizing training programs.

The learning industry is at the intersection of 3 very important trends:

  • Re-focused demand on person-to-person interactions
  • Instant access to information through use of technology
  • Increased number of “smart device” users in the workplace

Through our strategic partnerships, WLS brings those 3 trends together to create powerful learning experiences that are instantly accessible from anywhere in the world.

We connect people with technology in a virtual or blended classroom environment, through technology enabled devices.  This effectively has allowed for

  • The redesign of the learning environment to meet 21st century standards and needs
  • A centralized platform for content delivery across organizations, across the world
  • Learner access to consumable information regardless of location, or time

We’ll help you transform your company into a learning organization where knowledge is shared in real time across the world!

Workplace Learning Solutions

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