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NCTA Cloud Operations – 5 Weeks

844-WLS-CORP (844-957-2677)

NCTA Cloud Operations – 5 Weeks

(NCTA) Cloud Operations Agenda – 5 Weeks

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Lesson 1: Cloud Operations

  • Topic A: Overview of Cloud Computing Solutions
  • Topic B: Cloud Solution Operational Benefits and Challenges
  • Topic C: Requirements for Cloud Service Administration

Lesson 2: Planning Cloud Service Implementation

  • Topic A: Determine Hardware, Software, and Network Requirements
  • Topic B: Assess Risks of a Cloud Deployment
  • Topic C: Coordinate with End-Users and Business Stakeholders
  • Topic D: Plan Automation and Configuration Management
  • Topic E: Determine Cloud Service Support Resources

Lesson 3: Deploying a Cloud Application with Digital Ocean

  • Topic A: Determine Cloud Application Implementation Requirements
  • Topic B: Deploying a Droplet on Digital Ocean

Lesson 4: Deploying a Cloud Application with Heroku

  • Topic A: Identify Cloud Application Features of Heroku
  • Topic B: Deploy a Heroku App
  • Topic C: Scale and Update Applications on Heroku
  • Topic D: Secure Heroku Applications with Git Bash

Lesson 5: Deploying Websites with Microsoft Azure

  • Topic A: Overview of Microsoft Azure
  • Topic B: Deploy Websites in Microsoft Azure
  • Topic C: Manage Data and Storage in Microsoft Azure

Lesson 6: Implementing Azure Cloud Services and Virtual Machines

  • Topic A: Implement Azure Cloud Services
  • Topic B: Implement Azure Virtual Machines
  • Topic C: Manage Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Lesson 7: Managing Azure Applications with Visual Studio

  • Topic A: Publish Applications to Azure with Visual Studio
  • Topic B: Migrate .NET Applications to Azure with Visual Studio

Lesson 8: Deploying Applications to Opscode Chef

  • Topic A: Overview of Opscode Chef
  • Topic B: Install the Chef Client
  • Topic C: Implement Chef Cookbooks
  • Topic D: Manage Azure Services with Chef

Lesson 9: Managing Server State with Puppet

  • Topic A: Determine How Puppet can Streamline Cloud Management
  • Topic B: Deploy Puppet

Lesson 10: Implementing Rackspace Cloud Servers

  • Topic A: Overview of OpenStack
  • Topic B: Overview of Rackspace Cloud Services
  • Topic C: Deploy a Rackspace Cloud Serves
  • Topic D: Manage Rackspace Cloud Servers with Chef
  • Topic E: Manage Quality of Service (QoS)

Lesson 11: Importing and Exporting Data from Cloud Services

  • Topic A: Determine Requirements for Cloud Data Import and Export
  • Topic B: Import Data to and Export Data from a CloudNetwort

Lesson 12: Managing Security and Compliance in Cloud Solutions

  • Topic A: Secure Cloud Solutions
  • Topic B: Manage Compliance for Cloud Solutions

Lesson 13: Planning and Executing a Phased Cloud Migration

  • Topic A: Plan a Phased Migration
  • Topic B: Execute Phase 1: Cloud Assessment
  • Topic C: Execute Phase 2: Deploy a Proof of Concept on Amazon Web Services
  • Topic D: Execute Phase 3: Data Migration
  • Topic E: Execute Phase 4: Application Migration
  • Topic F: Execute Phase 5: Implement Cloud Features
  • Topic G: Execute Phase 6: Optimize Cloud Implementations

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