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NCTA Cloud Operations – 3 Weeks

(NCTA) Cloud Operations Agenda – 3 Week Training

Students in this course will participate in three scheduled group discussions, and will be able to directly interact with an instructor through “office hours”.

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Lesson 1: Identifying Business Benefits of Cloud Computing

Topic A: Cloud Computing Models for Business Needs
Topic B: Analyze Business Trends in Cloud Computing
Topic C: Evaluate Cloud Service Models
Topic D: Evaluate Cloud Implementations
Topic E: Identify Emerging Trends in Cloud

Lesson 2: Selecting End-User Cloud Technologies

Topic A: Select Native Applications
Topic B: Select Web Applications

Lesson 3: Supporting the Business Case for Cloud Computing

Topic A: Business Benefits and Concerns
Topic B: Provider Benefits and Challenges
Topic C: Evaluate Cloud Deployment Options

Lesson 4: Applying Cloud Computing Models

Topic A: Applying Cloud Models at the Provider
Topic B: Implement Cloud Models at the Customer
Topic C: Address Challenges in Cloud Implementations

Lesson 5: Integrating Cloud Services

Topic A: Plan Domain Name Integration with Cloud Services 
Topic B: Implement Cloud Service Access

Lesson 6: Selecting and Implementing Free Software as a Service (SaaS) Solutions

Topic A: Select SaaS for Personal Use 
Topic B: Implement a Free SaaS Solution

Lesson 7: Selecting and Implementing a Paid SaaS Solution

Topic A: Identify Corporate SaaS Requirements
Topic B: Select a Paid SaaS Solution
Topic B: Implement a Paid SaaS Solution

Lesson 8: Selecting SaaS Solutions for Small Businesses

Topic A: Select SaaS Accounting Solutions
Topic B: Select SaaS Storage Solutions
Topic C: Select SaaS Project Management Solutions
Topic D: Select Other Small Business SaaS Solutions 

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