Managing Employee Performance Agenda

Managing Employee Performance Course Agenda

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Lesson 1: Performance Management Basics

Topic A: Introducing performance management

Topic B: Performance management plans

Topic C: Job descriptions

Lesson 2: Performance-Planning Meetings

Topic A: Understanding performance-planning meetings

Topic B: Process for providing feedback

Topic C: Coaching employees

Lesson 3: Appraising Employee Performance

Topic A: Performance appraisal process

Topic B: Gather appraisal materials

Topic C: Prepare for the appraisal discussion

Topic D: Leading an appraisal discussion

Topic E: Responding to and resolving conflict

Lesson 4: Legal Appraisals

Topic A: EEO Laws

Topic B: Risks of legal challenge

Lesson 5: Performance Improvement

Topic A: Plan performance improvement strategies

Topic B: Conducting status meetings

Topic C: Maintaining documentation


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