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Google Analytics™ Agenda

Google Analytics™ 

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Lesson 1: Implementing Google Analytics

Topic A: Overview of Google Analytics

Topic B: Create a Google Analytics Account

Topic C: Tag Your Pages

Lesson 2: Managing Google Analytics Accounts

Topic A: Configure Google Analytics Settings

Topic B: Manage Multiple Accounts, Views, and Web Properties

Lesson 3: Configuring Goals, Funnels, and Filters

Topic A: Configure Goals

Topic B: Configure Funnels

Topic C: Configure Filters

Lesson 4: Reviewing and Configuring Dashboards and Alerts

Topic A: Review Real-Time Reports

Topic B: Review Your Default Dashboard

Topic C: Organize and Configure Dashboards

Topic D: Configure Intelligence Alerts

Lesson 5: Analyzing Data with Audience and Traffic Reports

Topic A: Analyze Data with Audience Reports

Topic B: Analyze Data with Traffic Sources Reports

Lesson 6: Analyzing Data with Content and Conversion Reports

Topic A: Analyze Data with Content Reports

Topic B: Analyze Data with Conversion Reports


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