Google AdWords™: Part 3 Agenda

Google AdWords™ Part 3 Course Agenda

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Lesson 1: Managing and Organizing Your AdWords Data

Topic A: Configure the AdWords Editor and Import Archived Data

Topic B: Analyze and Import AdWords Data

Topic C: Organize Your AdWords Data

Lesson 2: Implementing and Managing Advanced Features

Topic A: Configure Dynamic Search Ads

Topic B: Configure Keyword Insertion

Topic C: Create Campaign Experiments

Lesson 3: Analyzing and Measuring Campaign Performance

Topic A: Link Google AdWords to Google Analytics

Topic B: Measure AdWords Campaign Success

Lesson 4: Tracking and Optimizing Conversions

Topic A: Configure Conversion Tracking

Topic B: Optimize for Conversions

Lesson 5: Managing and Scaling Bidding and Budgets

Topic A: Optimize Bidding for Better Performance

Topic B: Manage and Grow Budgets

Lesson 6: Managing Clients with My Client Center

Topic A: Manage Clients with My Client Center

Topic B: Review the AdWords API


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