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Google AdWords™: Part 2

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Google AdWords™: Part 2

Google AdWords™: Part 2

Who should attend: This course is designed for Google AdWords users who are running or want to run ad campaigns on the Google Display Network, and who want to optimize those campaigns to achieve better performance.

Duration: One Full Day

Location: Online – Virtual Classroom

Cost: $525.00

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Today, web-based marketing goes beyond advertisements that appear on search engine results pages (SERPs). Robust web marketing with Google AdWords™ allows you to show ads on sites that partner with Google, on the Google Display Network, so your ads appear with content during the course of normal web browsing and web content consumption. Google AdWords targeting technology also helps you define the type of audience you want to reach or the type of content that relates to what you’re advertising. In this way, your ads will appear next to content that is relevant and related, and they will potentially be viewed by consumers who are most interested in the products and services you have to offer.

AdWords tools and technology can automatically find places to show your ads or help you find sites that are potentially a good fit. They can show you statistics and demographics about sites and help you define the audience target for your campaign. Once your campaign is running, AdWords can help you view how your ads are performing and refine targeting to get the best results out of your campaign.

Advertising on the Google Display Network is a complex undertaking. There are many different approaches and options for targeting your campaign, and different strategies for optimizing it. In this course, you will create a Display Network campaign, define location and language targeting, and schedule when your ads will run. You will optimize your Display Network targeting and create a YouTube campaign. Then you will optimize the landing pages associated with the campaign. Finally, you will analyze campaign performance and optimize your campaign.

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Basic ability to use a web browser and productivity software such as Microsoft Office or Google Drive. Familiarity with the fundamentals of Google AdWords is required. You can obtain this level of skill and knowledge by taking Google AdWords™: Part 1 course.


In this course, you will optimize Google AdWords™ campaigns.

You will:

  • Create ad campaigns for the Google Display Network.
  • Configure location, language, and schedule for campaigns.
  • Optimize contextual and placement targeting.
  • Plan and create an ad campaign for YouTube.
  • Optimize landing page quality.
  • Analyze and optimize Display Network campaigns.

This course is part of a series of 3 courses to help learners prepare for the Google Certified Professional Exam

Google AdWords™: Part 1

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