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Google AdWords™: Part 2 Agenda

Google AdWords™ Part 2 Course Agenda

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Lesson 1: Creating Ad Campaigns for the Google Display Network

Topic A: Plan and Create a Campaign

Topic B: Create a Display Network Ad with Ad Builder

Lesson 2: Configuring Location, Language, and Schedule

Topic A: Configure Location Targeting

Topic B: Configure Ad Schedules

Lesson 3: Optimizing Contextual and Placement Targeting

Topic A: Plan Campaign Placements with the Google Ad Planner

Topic B: Plan Contextual Targeting for Keywords

Topic C: Configure Placements for Better Ad Targeting

Lesson 4: Planning and Creating an Ad Campaign for YouTube

Topic A: Review YouTube Advertising Options

Topic B: Analyze Keywords and Placements for YouTube

Topic C: Create Video Ads

Lesson 5: Optimizing Landing Page Quality

Topic A: Optimize Landing Pages for Quality Score

Topic B: Optimize Landing Pages for Conversions

Lesson 6: Analyzing and Optimizing Display Network Campaigns

Topic A: Analyze Campaign Dimensions

Topic B: Optimize Campaigns


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