SCRUM Agile Master
Certified (SAMC™)

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SCRUM Agile Master Certified (SAMC™)

Course Overview Duration: 3 Days

CertificationPrerequisitesTarget AudienceMaintaining Certification (RCUs)
SAMCNilPreferably SDC™ (or) SMC™ Certified professionalAnyone on a Scrum team40 Recertification units every 2 years


Agile Methodology such as SCRUMStudy Agile Master Certified (SAMC™) is driven by the need for rapid solutions that are people and results focused while respecting the changing needs for technology, market demands, and product delivery expectations. Agile methodologies rely on adaptive planning and self-organization and speed in delivery. It focuses primarily on the value of people in getting the job done effectively.

SCRUMStudy Agile Master Certified (SAMC™) professionals exhibit vast knowledge and understanding of Agile as a framework. They understand the value of trusting the contributions of individuals and teams and allowing them to work directly with the customer. They seek feedback on smaller incremental chunks of deliverables to ensure more accurate and timely adjustments resulting is faster completion and better outputs..

Audience Profile

This certification is appropriate for anyone interested in getting familiar with the concepts and practices of Agile Project Delivery, and who wants to have a working knowledge of the various Agile methodologies.


There is no formal prerequisite for this certification. However, it is recommended that those interested in SAMC™ first complete either SDC™ or SMC™ course of study to promote better understanding of the concepts required for this certification exam

Exam Format

  • 100 multiple choice questions per exam
  • One point for each correct response
  • No deduction of points for incorrect responses
  • 120 minutes duration
  • Proctored online exam.
  • Current Pass Rate: 96%
  • E-Certificate Awarded

Delivery Method

Self-paced Online

Reference book:

A Guide to Scrum Body of Knowledge (SBOK™ Guide) by SCRUMstudy.

Course Benefits

  • High quality hands-on training using role-plays and case-studies
  • Course fee includes certification exam fee
  • Complimentary copy of the SBOK™ Guide
  • Free Lifetime Primary Membership
  • One year Advanced Membership worth $120
  • PMI approved PDUs

Maintaining Certification:

To maintain the certification status, Agile Master Certified (SAMC™) professionals will need to earn 40 re-certification credits every 3 years.

How to Get Certified:

1. Register by clicking the "ENROLL" button below. All fees are included. You will receive your exam voucher which will be necessary for scheduling your exam

2. Download the app to access your course-ware

3. Take the exam

4. Upon successful completion of the exam get an Online certificate

  • Your name will be added to the SCRUMstudy Certification Registry.
  • The physical certificate and a lapel pin will be shipped to you.
  • If unsuccessful with passing the exam you may retake a maximum of two times at no cost
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