Ticket to Work FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions

Ticket to work WLS frequently asked questions

What is the ticket to work program?

Ticket to work is a federally-funded employment program designed to provide Social Security disability beneficiaries the choices, opportunities and support they need to enter the workforce (read more…)

What is the goal of the Ticket Program?

The main goal of the Ticket to Work program is to assist Social Security disability beneficiaries in their goal to become less reliant upon disability benefits, more self-sufficient and financially independent.

How does the Ticket to Work Program help people receiving disability benefits go to work?

If you are disabled and receiving benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA), you can use an SSA issued Ticket to apply for services and get support in job training and finding employment. Approved Employment Networks such as WLS receive compensation from the SSA for assisting Ticket Holders in gaining and maintaining employment

What kind of entity can be an Employment Network in the Ticket Program?

Any qualified entity, including employers, can become an EN in the Ticket Program. An EN may be any public or private entity, so long as the EN is qualified to assume responsibility for the coordination and/or delivery of employment, vocational rehabilitation or other support services to Ticket Holders to help them achieve their employment goals. An EN may be an agency, an organization, a consortium of organizations, or an individual. Certain entities, like State Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agencies and Department of Labor American Job Centers (formerly known as One Stop career centers), are automatically qualified as ENs under the Ticket Program. Federal agencies are precluded from becoming ENs and beneficiaries, who may be qualified and approved as ENs, are precluded from acting as their own EN.

Do I have to participate in the Ticket to work Program?

Ticket to work is not a program in which you’re required to participate. It is entirely voluntary

Do I need to pay anything to participate in the Ticket Program?

Ticket to work is an entirely free employment assistance program for people receiving Social Security disability benefits. You do not need to pay anything to participate in Ticket to Work

Can I use a Ticket to become self-employed or start my own business?

Yes, a Ticket can be used to obtain services and supports to help you become self-employed or start your own business. If you are interested in pursuing a self-employment goal, you should tell the EN you would like to work with about that goal early on in the process. You should be aware, however, that some ENs might choose not to accept the Ticket assignment from someone who has self-employment as a goal.

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