Getting Started Find a ticket to work job getting started Ticket to Work Ticket to work job Are you ready to start the journey to work but don’t know where to begin?
  • Explore the Ticket to Work program by contacting us. We will guide you through the goals of the program and help you decide if it’s a good fit for you.

  • Make sure your ticket is eligible for assignment by contacting the SSA Ticket Hotline before you contact us 1-866-968-7842.

  • Start thinking of jobs you would like to do and skills that you currently have that can be used in the workplace.
Are you wondering how going back to work will affect your benefits?
  • You will learn all about various work incentives designed to help take the fear of losing your benefits out of going back to work.

  • Your medical benefits will not be affected by your return to work. You will keep your Medicaid and/or Medicare benefits even while working.

  • We will work with you every step of the way so that you know when changes will occur and so we can plan for those changes appropriately.
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Ready to Work Ready to Work How to Begin Ready to work WLS EN ticket to work job Are you ready to work but not sure what to do next?
  • Assign your ticket to an EN like WLS-ADEN who will support you and help you navigate the various steps, and keep you focused on your most important task of finding a job.

  • Develop your employment goals for short-term and long-term success.

  • Learn about your benefits status and the impact of work on your benefits, as well as how to use the various work incentives available to you.
Do you need help deciding how to begin the process of finding a job?
  • Determine your career interests, and your current skills and abilities to make an effective job search plan that is likely to succeed.

  • Work with your Employment Support Specialist to update your resume and prepare for job interviews.

  • Learn effective ways to job search and find real and viable job opportunities.
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Finding A Job Choosing a ticket to work EN Employment Network finding a job Where to Begin Finding a ticket to work job WLS What should you expect from your job search?
  • You should use all available resources including online networking, social media platforms, company websites, and job boards in your job search.

  • Connect to people you know and let them know you are looking for a job.

  • Answer your phone when it rings it could be an employer with a job offer. Don’t miss out by playing phone tag or by screening your calls.
Have you found a job and are wondering if you should reveal your disability?
  • In some situations you may need to reveal that you have a disability if you will need reasonable accommodations from the employer.

  • You do not have to reveal your disability if there is no advantage to you doing so.

  • Employers have an obligation to offer reasonable accommodations when they are requested, but note they have to be reasonable!
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You're Hired you're hired! Managing Your New Job You're hired managing your new ticket to work job Do you need help understanding SSA’s requirements for reporting your wages?
  • You must repot wages to SSA each month. Use the online reporting tool, or the reporting App on your phone.

  • Get educated on basic money management strategies to help you better manage your finances and to prepare for when you are no longer receiving your benefits check.

  • Report your earning monthly to your Employment Support Specialist so she can help you stay ahead of any changes and keep track of your use of the work incentives.
Do you need help understanding overpayments and how to avoid them?
  • Overpayments are common but should be reported as soon as possible to avoid owing a huge debt to SSA once they get “caught up” on your account.

  • Work with your Employment Support Specialist to help you catch any potential overpayments before they occur.

  • Report overpayments to SSA as soon as you know about them and make a plan to return the money safely and quickly.
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Your ticket to work job search: With your ticket to work job security and financial independence can be yours.