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Why Choose WLS As Your Ticket to Work EN?

You want to find a job and start a career doing something you love. WLS-ADEN will help you prepare to land your dream job.

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We Provide Complete Support

You can expect complete support from our team of Employment Support Specialists in the following areas:

Career Counseling – Your Employment Support Specialist will review your transferable skills and help you consider an appropriate job or career match based on your skills and abilities.

Job Search and Placement – you will receive support in your work efforts to update or refresh your resume, discover job leads, prepare for interviews, and other specific individualized steps to help you enter the workforce.

Benefits and Work Incentive Advisement Services – this key service will clarify information on how wages can impact your benefits and health insurance and introduce you to the available SSA Work Incentives.

Financial Wellness Strategies –you will be offered the opportunity to access creditable resources and tools that support your financial goals including budgeting, saving for the future, improving your credit, personal financial management, and other strategies that promote self-sufficiency.

Long-term Employment Supports – Support does not stop after job placement. You will receive long-term support for at least 45 months to ensure a smooth transition to work, and to continue advisement about SSA disability benefits and work incentives, job accommodations and referrals to financial wellness resources.

Assign your ticket to WLS today and let us help you:

Set and achieve your employment goals

Assess ability to work and transition to financial independence

Explore work options to increase your income

Learn how to present your best self to employers