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Start Time: 8AM | End Time 12PM (Noon)

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Topics & Discussions:

  • Building Credibility (to gain their respect)
    • 4 Ways to establish rapport
  • Dynamic Openings (to get their attention)
  • Student Characteristics and Needs (read the room)
  • Asking Questions (to ensure transfer of knowledge)
  • Using Visual Aids & Training Media (to ensure knowledge)
  • Practice, practice, practice! (to increase confidence)

Facilitation & Presentation Techniques - Workshop Description

Do you know what the #1 fear in the United States is? Speaking before a group! For whatever reason, many of us have a somewhat negative, and very physical reaction to public speaking. No surprise there. However, all the experts tell us that the only way to overcome our fear is to face our fear. No worries! We can help you control those “butterflies” that always seem to show up, just before you have to speak before a group of people. In Facilitation & Presentation Techniques, we consider the art of facilitation and presentation, the difference between the two, and when to use them.

We create a “safe environment” in which participants can learn, feel free to try new techniques, and have fun with others of the same mindset. At the end of the program, participants will:

  • Learn how to identify the difference between facilitation and presentation formats.
  • Determine when to use which format.
  • Understand the different types of learning and thinking styles.
  • Gain more confidence when speaking in public.

In Facilitation & Presentation Techniques, we explore the topics through a series of fun, interactive, team and individual exercises. We reinforce our understanding of the components of public speaking and presenting, and in the process, cultivate more effective habits that enhance our ability to deliver information and training more skillfully, whether through the “facilitation” or “presentation” formats.


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