Domestic Violence and the Workplace

WLS is a strong supporter of The Tenderness Campaign.  Together we have a goal in 2012 to change the perspectives of as many employers as we can.  We want employers to realize that taking a stance of support for victims and zero tolerance for perpetrators does not have to cost anything more than they currently have invested in creating a safe work environment for their employees. 

If you believe your employer should change its workplace violence policies to include and address domestic violence policies, and offer training and other support for employees and victims, PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION. We need 100,000 signatures to take to state and national entities to effect change in the workplace regarding domestic violence awareness… ’cause domestic violence awareness ain’t sexy but it sure is necessary!

The Tenderness Campaign compiled a music project in October 2011 entitled “Artists against Domestic Violence and Abuse” to raise funds to support domestic violence awareness projects. 

Download your FREE copy here or get it for $5.00 and support the campaign’s efforts.  Thank you!